Snap 180 Media is your one stop shop for all your video production needs. We service the Wisconsin, Illinios, Minnesota, Iowa, Indiana and Michigan areas with professional broadcast crews, mobile studio vans, and documentary crews. Our mission is to use our skills with our craft of visual storytelling, while demonstrating a high degree of professionalism and integrity to our clients.

Snap 180 Media is a freelancer's production house. We collaborate with the best in the business to provide our clients a high end look to all of their projects. The reason we are different from other production companies is our ability to scale crew sizes based on client needs. This directly affects the client because we have less overhead. Less overhead means less costs to you the client. 

We understand budgets are tight and know you want the most for your money that you can get. Being able to hire the people needed for the job is a big cost saver for the client. If a job only requires one shooter we only send one shooter and only charge for that person. Why send 5 people to do what one person can do. 

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